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“I live on a plane only a frequency away from yours. I and my brothers are very real. You and your people will come to know this.”

                                                - Aureal the Ancient One

- Laura Peterson, M.A.

Clairvoyant and Healer. She has worked as a psychic for the FBI and  law enforcement agencies. She is an Educator, Lecturer and Writer.  Ms. Peterson has been a top professional fashion model and director of a model’s agency and fashion school. She, with her husband, are Charter members of San Diego’s Civic Light Opera Co. A former clinical psychologist, she currently manages her own pottery studio and art gallery and recently retired as pottery instructor for the San Diego School district. Ms. Peterson lives with her husband on their fifteen-acre family estate in El Cajon, California.

                         Reincarnation - a Personal Journey

  1. What! You don't believe you have lived before?

  2. You can't remember any life before this current one?

  3. Your religion does not include reincarnation?

  4. Furthermore you have had enough of this life and certainly don't want another?

The doctrine of rebirth in another body is very ancient. It predates the

earliest religions and is compatible with all of them.

Though this is an account of my travels through a warp in space-time into other realms of conscious reality, it is your story as well as mine. In this book, I take you along on my adventures of discovery.

It is a document of a journey in memory back through the veil of time into the many lives I have lived since the days of Atlantis. Yes Atlantis. Many of you have come from this period in time, and there is an important reason many of you have come to earth at this time.

Life is eternal. We are in reality immortal souls continuing to evolve into progressively higher realms of life. There is no escaping.

In this book:

  1. We discover who we really are and where we came from.

  2. Why we have lived many lives before this one.

  3. Why we don't remember.

  4. Why reincarnation had a very bloody history.

  5. Why reincarnation was deleted from the New Testament.

  6. Who is Bridey Murphy?

"As the grains of sand, one lifetime is too short to be counted in the

eternal scheme of  things."    Aureal

A Personal Journey



Have you not heard the Legend of 2012 that bears a message just above the threshold of your hearing, a feeling that permeates the air about you, a silence that penetrates your realm of noise?... Or, perhaps, a knowing that stirs somewhere within your being, that earth and all upon her surface is moving into an experience like none other within man's span of knowing?

The drastic changes manifesting upon earth at this time have been prophesied by ancient, as well as modern, seers.

  1. An ancient Mayan Prophesy says that a Star-Gate will open in 2012. What is a Star-Gate?

  2. 2nd Peter of the King James Bible says: 'There will be a new Heaven and a new Earth."  Earth will split from the old earth as a new earth is formed.. How?

  3. The electromagnetic poles reverse as Earth moves into resonance with the "light." - Gregg Braden.

  4.   "We are creating a new planet in which there will be a splitting of worlds."  - the Pleiadians

  5. Soon Earth will move out of one dimension into another.”  - Aureal, the Ancient One       What is the process?...

As told by an Ascended Master



Footsteps in Time

The Legend of 2012

Will this prophesied date bring an end to the world, as some believe, OR will it deliver us into the biblically promised new and wonderful age for mankind?  Then perhaps nothing will happen.  No one seems to know!

The Legend of 2012 did not begin with the ancient Maya. It did not start with the predictions of the 8,000 year old Vedas or the indigenous prophecies of Asia and the Americas, who left for us their knowledge of this massive cosmic event, that will happen in our time. To understand the origin of the 2012 event, we must return to our very beginning....This is the Legend of 2012.


“Reincarnation is a subject I've wanted to learn more about for a long time. I'm really enjoying your book. It is written beautifully with so much information. I really love your writing style, a page turner, for certain. I truly enjoy the reading.”

-- Barbara Atha, San Diego, California

“Laura, I want you to know this is the best book I have ever read. I have studied extensively from Masters in India and. Your book "Whispers in the Wind" brings the understanding of my esoteric studies into a viable perspective.”

-- Rusty Sanks, Santee, California

“I highly recommend Laura's books. They are outstanding in taking her reader with her beyond the curtain of ordinary knowing. Like a superior mystery story, each chapter is a 'cliffhanger in holding the reader's attention to the very end. It educates the reader in realities beyond the ordinary, because the author speaks from her own esoteric experiences 'peppered' with verifiable research.”

-- Darlene Phillip, San Diego, California

Communications from an Ascended Master

"Whispers" is a comprehensive hard copy book of 300 pages. It contains channeled information from an ascended Master concerning the origin, purpose and destiny of mankind.

It takes us to realities beyond space and time to discover who we really are, where we came from and where we are going. It answers the following questions from a greater perspective.

  1. Is there life after death?

  2. Where did we come from?

  3. Where do we go when we die?

  4. Is reincarnation a fact or fiction?

  5. Is there intelligent life other than our own?

  6. Do we have guardian angels? Who are they?

  7. What is the meaning of 2012? Will it bring the end of the world or a more perfect earth?

This book contains more than fifty years of channeled information received from 'Aureal- the Ancient One.' It is also a document of the author's ongoing insatiable research into ancient documents, indigenous traditions and the mind expanding discoveries of cutting-edge physics to verify the profound material within these pages.

"As the mystic perceives, the scientist observes."       Enjoy!



Whispers in the Wind